Natural paradise and life quality

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The rural acommodation is situated into a privileged delighted nature area. Our pretension is getting the perfect confort and well-being of the visitors. The apartments are builded in a 3200 mts2. Extension plot with luxury facilities, top quality standars and surprising really exclusive views.

Booking Online!

The web page includes an online reserve system inwich you will be able to planificate your holidays, checking in real time the available date to enjoy our accommodation.

Pool Area With Summer Inning Space

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Here you will find an open wide area to swim and relax. It includes clima pool, confortable lounge-chaises, heather umbrellas, dinning big solid wood table, bar, BBC, showers and independent toilets. Beside to this area is localized the SPA zone. From here you will enjoy fantastic views of the atlantic ocean, the “cumber vieja” sierra and the “Aridane” valley, all them amazing and really impressive.

Spa And Mirador Area

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Situated in a small hill of natural volcanic stones, over a artificial river there is an wood bridge where, after crossing you will find a place to read and rest and beyond, a 280 x 220 XL luxury spa. From here, due to the hight position you will be able to enjoy views of the rest of the plots incluiding the apartments and all the nature around.