This web page symbolizes the culmination of a Project started several years before. It have been really exciting for us to manage making something different getting top quality materials in every detail, without care about costs, and applying the said ”you use to be always right when you leave your hearth decides”.

The more than three thousands square meter plot of Fuente de la Teja is situated at the natural area of Los Llanos de Aridane. There you will be very welcome to enjoy all the exclusive accommodations and the fantastic views all arounds, the atlantic ocean to the west, natural park of “Cumbre Vieja, Birigoyo Peak and Los Charcos mountain” by East, in the south you will see the Aridane´s valley and all the protected forrest. By ten minutes car from the apartments there are two of the best beaches of La Palma, “Puerto Naos and Tazacorte” wich are both recognized as the more stable climates all around the World. By similar distance you have the main city of the island, Los Llanos de Aridane, where you will find Shopping, leisure, visitings, bars, restaurants and a really good night atmospheres.

The flats complex is totally new, less than one years ago when we finished the building and are equipped with exclusivity till each small detail. It incluides garden area, open clima pool all over the year with dinning bar zone and independent toilet. By a natural volcanic stones part there is an artificial river with a lovely wood bridge and across it we find by one side a very quiet place where you can read a book or just contemplate the amazing views surrounded by the silence. In the other side is installed the luxury 280 x 220 spa. Being into the spa in that fantastic island you will feel that you are really “out of the World”.

La Palma is an one-off privileged site because its wild beauty, also climate and genuine friendly people. You will enjoy of beaches, astronomy, Hiking, gastronomy, local vines, land scapes, volcans, security and quietness, etc. But, above all, you will be impressed of its rhythm and quality of live. “Los Palmeros” (local persons) don´t use to be hurry, drivers don´t blow the claxon, there isn´t agglomerations, everything runs slower than usual, people will greet you on the street even without meeting you before… all of that will carry you to the very old days wich now are over. You will be pleasantly delighted and your holidays unforgettable.

Come and join us in an luxury exclusive tourism where you will feel a friend, part of our small club.

I would like to voice expressly my personal special gratitude to Mr. Carlos Blanco Borrego who has been a very active part of the process since the beginning.

… and remember!!: the one you lose, difficult to recover!!

Welcome and enjoy your stay.


Pepe Guerra Montaño.